BIO Launches Coronavirus Hub to Facilitate Exchange of Supplies & Services


BIO Launches Coronavirus Hub to Facilitate Exchange of Supplies & Services

As the world faces unprecedented challenges in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, BIO wants to do its part to ensure that critical research and development, testing, and public health programs can continue to the greatest extent possible.

To support this goal, today BIO is launching the new Coronavirus Hub that connects those companies that have relevant supplies, capacities, and resources to share, with those companies, researchers, or healthcare providers that need them. The new hub will enable users to post requests for urgently needed items, as well as to post the availability of supplies and capacity. The portal connects in real time through customized announcements and is searchable by keywords. Connections for medical supplies will be facilitated in partnership with Healthcare Ready to ensure an organized and optimized allocation of items in need, and thus will not be publicly available or searchable.

We have heard and seen many requests from medical research centers, biopharmaceutical companies, testing developers and testing sites requesting supplies such as:

  • Viral RNA kits
  • Pure compact RNA
  • Compact nucleic acid isolation kits
  • Automated nucleic acid extraction systems
  • Tips for instrument pipetting
  • PCR testing capabilities
  • N95 masks
  • N100, P100 & R100 masks/respirators
  • N99, P99 & R99 masks/respirators
  • Nitrile gloves (general purpose and exam)
  • Gowns – patient isolation and disposable
  • Swab kit supplies – 1 ml vials, viral transfer medium, swabs, tubes
  • Hand sanitizer

We have created the Coronavirus Hub to enable you to post requests as well as announce availability. If you have these products, please share that information with us through this hub.

Beyond physical supplies, the Hub will provide users the ability to request or share other resources, such as capacities, technologies, or assets that may be useful in COVID-19 response and/or development programs. A messaging feature permits users to reach out to one another, privately within the hub. A notification is sent when a reply is posted. To expedite the launch of this timely tool, the hub has an easy self-serve login providing instant utilization.

The coronavirus is no match for science, but we must finish the jobJames Greenwood, CEO & President of Biotechnology Innovation Organization

As a community, we have the responsibility to rise to this global call for action. As I have said, “The coronavirus is no match for science, but we must finish the job.”

We will continue to improve this new resource center. If you have any questions, recommendations or technical issues, please contact: [email protected].


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