Elite Biopharma Interns that Hit the Ground Running: Fourth-Year UDel BAMBB Students

Elite Biopharma Interns that Hit the Ground Running: Fourth-Year UDel BAMBB Students

An elite cadre of highly-trained students equipped with competency-tested laboratory skills and rigorous basic science foundations is now available for externships at biomedical research organizations in the greater Delaware area, including Philadelphia and Baltimore. The competitive Applied Molecular Biology and Biotechnology program is a new offering of BS and BS/MS degrees (BAMBB) from the Department of Medical and Molecular Sciences at the University of Delaware. Fourth year BAMBB’s are ready for biopharma internships and come ready on day one with modern laboratory skills, strong foundations in biological sciences, and high motivation.

The Training: Years 1-3

BAMBB students are consistently high-achieving STEM and biomedical science students who apply to the program after the sophomore year; then, accepted students are funneled into small laboratory skills courses and upper-level science courses. Our competency-driven curriculum trains students in current molecular and cell biological techniques utilized in a wide range of biotechnology sectors. This includes:

• Cell and tissue culture (plant, insect, mammalian, yeast and E.coli)
• Protein expression (T7, insect, mammalian), purification and characterization
• Molecular diagnostics
• Flow cytometry
• Mutation detection
• Standard recombinant DNA/molecular biology techniques (PCR, RT-PCR, gel electrophoresis,
transformation/transfection, restriction digest, Western blotting, Southern blotting, etc.)

Students use state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and are trained in small groups by experts in the field. They are tested via rigorous practical and theoretical exams to ensure competency in each skill set. The curriculum also includes theoretical basic science coursework:

• Systems biology/bioinformatics
• Cell biology
• Biochemistry
• Immunology
• Microbiology
• Human and microbial genetics
• Regulatory compliance and biomedical ethics

The Internship and Beyond: Year 4 to Graduation

In the final phase of their training, students engage in practical rotations in various laboratory settings. Students work full-time over of period of 7-8 months, contributing to their site, training in more specific techniques, and receiving evaluations. BAMBB students enter their internships already equipped with laboratory skills, strong basic science theory, and strong motivation.  The goal of the BAMBB program is that students completing their degree will be prepared to begin independent careers as BS- or MS-level scientists. Graduates of our program are well-suited for continued graduate education or employment in the biopharmaceutical industry, molecular diagnostic labs, forensic labs, core facilities, academia, or government labs.


To become a BAMBB site or mentor, please contact: Esther Biswas-Fiss, Ph.D., ASCP(MB)CM, Professor and Chair of the Department of Medical and Molecular Sciences at [email protected] or (302) 831-2912.


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