What is BIO Business Solutions®?

BIO Business Solutions is the largest cost savings purchasing program for the life sciences industry, operated by BIO. BIO Business Solutions pools the purchasing power of thousands of life sciences companies across North America to negotiate for exclusive pricing and favorable terms on things like lab supplies, office supplies, insurance, and much more.



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BIO Business Solutions has been saving life sciences companies time & money for over 20 years!

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Featured Preferred Partner
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Brex is BIO’s newest preferred partner for corporate credit card services and is
offering members an exclusive sign-up bonus and waived card fees for life.

       •  60,000 point signup bonus ($600 value)

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       •  Tailored rewards and points with 3x on lab supplies, 7x on conference
           registrations, and 4x on travel

"BIO Business Solutions offers StemBioSys access to world-class business partners at preferred prices. For a small company like ours, this combination is clearly a win-win proposition!"
Bob Hutchins
President & CEO, StemBioSys
"We are using programs for things like office
supplies and lab supplies and the savings come
out to about 200K a year. That’s money we’ve
been able to invest right back into our research
so BIO Business Solutions® has definitely been a
great choice for us."
Dave Lawrence
CBO, Acorda Therapeutics
Frequently Asked Questions
What is BIO Business Solutions®? How does BIO Business Solutions® work?
BIO Business Solutions® is the largest cost savings program for the life sciences industry, operated by BIO. BIO Business Solutions® negotiates significant volume-based discounts, favorable terms, and other benefits on products and services with industry-leading suppliers on behalf of BIO members and the members of state and regional biotech associations.
Who is eligible to join the program?
The BIO Business Solutions® program is available to Delaware Bio core member companies. There is no charge for core member companies to participate in the program as it is a benefit of membership. Member companies can take advantage of one, some, or all of the special pricing arrangements offered through the BIO Business Solutions® program.
What are the advantages of participating in the BIO Business Solutions® program?
Over 4,000 companies currently use BIO Business Solutions® and, together, save over $400 million annually through the program. The discounted prices and value-added features available are negotiated based on the pooled buying power of thousands of life sciences companies of all sizes across North America, giving you the same purchasing power as the largest life sciences companies.
How is BIO related to the state and regional biotechnology associations? Does BIO own or manage state and regional biotech associations?
BIO partners with a network of independent state and regional life science associations (BIO’s network of state affiliates) to support policy initiatives and business development activity. These state affiliates provide BIO with “grass roots” support. As part of our partnership with the state affiliates, BIO makes the BIO Business Solutions® program available to their members. The members of participating state associations may also use the program at no additional charge, as the program is a benefit of their memberships.
Are these cost-savings programs only for life science companies?
While some of the individual BIO Business Solutions® programs are relevant to only life science companies, some of the programs are relevant and available to any company in any industry!
How can the BIO Business Solutions Customer Success Team Help?
Bob Dearth
781.716.7555 • Eastern US