Newark Chemical Company has Donated 4,000 Pounds of Hand Sanitizer During Pandemic

Original Source:  Town Square Live

A Delaware chemical company has donated nearly two metric tons of hand sanitizer to local to First State communities since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Adesis Inc. of Newark, which specializes in the synthesis of chemicals for the pharmaceuticals, biotech and specialty chemical needs, has donated nearly 4,000 pounds  of hand sanitizer to Donate Delaware since March.

Richard Piendak, co-founder of Donate Delaware said Adesis has donated sanitizer about six times during the last year.

“In March when there was a shortage of isopropyl alcohol, they donated what they had in storage,” Piendak said.

Afterward, the company has been making it and donating periodically.

Donate Delaware is a nonprofit created by Piedak and Dave Tiberi to collect and distribute personal protective equipment throughout the state.

It has pledged to donate 100,000 disposable masks to state schools, hospitals and nonprofit organizations.

Donate Delaware has distributed Adesis’s hand sanitizer to organizations including the Delaware Health Care Facilities Association for nursing homes across the state; Delaware Dream Center as part of its services to challenged communities, schools and apartment complexes, and the Latin American Community Center, among others.

“Our providers and residents are so grateful for the community support and donation of hand sanitizer for our nursing home and assisted living facilities,” Said Cheryl Heiks, executive director of Delaware Health Care Facilities association. “It has helped us keep our staff and residents safe during this pandemic.”

Donate Delaware also collects individual donations of PPE and other necessities through PPE collection locations.

A donation center benefiting first responders and local organizations in Newport Delaware can be accessed by appointment at 110 W. Market St., Newport, Delaware. Appointments can be made by calling 302-750-1998.

A donation center for the benefit of ChristianaCare healthcare facilities can be found at 131 Continental Drive Newark, Delaware. Appointments can be made Monday through Friday by calling 302-623-3639.

Donate Delaware continues to seek all sorts of unused PPE, cleaning solutions, digital and disposable thermometers, hand sanitizer and disposable stethoscopes.

It is also in need of isopropyl alcohol, which it gives to Adesis to turn into hand sanitizer, and elastic bands to give to Help For Healthcare Workers Delaware, an organization that has been making and distributing cloth masks throughout the state.

Adesis Inc. is owned by Universal Display Corp., which researches and develops organic light emitting diode technologies used in televisions, computer and mobile phone screens.

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