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  • Ann O'Brien
    Ann O'Brien
    Associate Director, Analytical Development

    Dr. Ann O’Brien joined Incyte in 2016, fulfilling various roles within the Drug Discovery and Development organizations. As Associate Director of Analytical Development, she supports the development and registration of Incyte’s preclinical and clinical drug candidates.

    She received her B.S. in Chemistry and Biochemistry from Sacred Heart University and her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Delaware. Upon completion of her graduate studies she worked as a Research Chemist at Merck Research Labs, and then moved to DuPont Central Research and Development.

    Ann became a certified yoga instructor in 2018 and has since held weekly yoga classes for her Incyte colleagues. She is passionate about exploring the mind/body connection in relation to personal wellness. She guides people to work with their bodies, not against, to overcome the stresses of work and life.

    Ann is also on the Advisory Board at Immaculate Heart of Mary Elementary School and a member of the IQ Consortium, Pediatric Drug Development Working Group. Beyond being a chemist, yogi, and avid volunteer, Ann is an active mother, wife, daughter, and sister in a large, crazy but joyful family.



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May 26 2020


8:30 am - 9:30 am


Free to Delaware Bio members

Mindful Morning Movement

About Mindful Morning Movement

Let’s take a few moments to connect our minds and bodies through a series of mindfulness exercises. Using techniques like meditation, breathing and yoga we will redirect our focus from the external to our internal. Mindfulness practice helps cultivate an awareness of the present moment allowing one to observe their thoughts, feelings and body sensations with compassion and non-judgment. Through gained insight on how our body and mind react to outside forces, in which we have no control, we can learn to regulate our physical and mental responses and better manage them. This 20-minute mindfulness practice will leave you with a sense of calm and the confidence to take on life’s challenges.

Why You Should Attend

If you are looking for a peaceful and focused way to start your day, this is the virtual event for you.

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Delaware Bio’s Member Webinar Series are online virtual events by members, for members.  Delaware Bio members can attend this virtual webinar for FREE, but you must register for the event.  Please register for this event using your business email address.  If you register for this event and you are not an employee of a Delaware Bio member company, your registration will be canceled.  To see if your company is a Delaware Bio member, click here.  If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Jamie Pedrick or Yvette Murray.

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