The BIO Fly-In on Capitol Hill

By: Helen Stimson

Each year BIO sponsors an event for all their state affiliates to come to Washington for a policy briefing and meetings with their elected officials. This year’s event was on April 3rd and 4th and Washington was a buzz with other organization’s fly-ins and tourists coming for the cherry blossoms. 

I can’t imagine what it would be like to work in the Congressional and Senate offices with so many visitors coming each with different areas of focus and requests. I am grateful to our Representatives and their staffs who listen to our feedback and work to support our needs. Knowing that time would be limited, I prepared a one-pager on the status of the industry and some educational information on our members as a leave behind for new staffers. I summarized our legislative requests as follows:  

  • Continue to support IP protection in the US and in trade agreements so that our members will continue to invest to grow.  
  • Continue to support legislation that supports federal funding for science research to support our academic community and startups. 
  • Please safeguard that scientific data and facts consistently used to make decisions on legislation that impacts scientific programs. 

Our industry wants to make sure that patients get access to the care they need, and we support BIO’s goals to: 

  • Protect patients from unaffordable out of pocket costs. 
  • Ensure patients have access to transformative drugs. Evaluate using models that are value/reward based for payment.  
  • Ensure the sustainability and affordability of public and private insurance systems and making sure that small businesses have access to pricing competitive with large companies.  

It’s a great experience to visit the Hill for the Fly-in day and I welcome members to join me next year. 


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