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UD’s Chou in Top 100

Tsu-Wei Chou named in top 100 materials scientists of decade

UDaily, Written By: Karen B. Roberts, March 8, 2011

Times Higher Education has named Tsu-Wei Chou, Pierre S. du Pont Chair of Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Delaware, among the top 100 materials scientists of the past decade.

Materials science is a realm that overlaps with chemistry, physics, engineering and other areas. High-impact researchers were chosen according to citation impact recorded by Thomas Reuters for papers published since January 2000.

Chou, who ranked 34th, and the other researchers listed were chosen from among approximately 500,000 materials scientists recorded. They represent the top 0.02 of one percent in the field. Seventy-eight percent of the scientists featured, including Chou, named nanotechnology as a main focus of their research.

Impact factor is a weighted measurement of influence that quantifies the number of times a paper is cited or referenced by authors in their research work and that reveals consistently superior performance in one's field. A threshold of 25 papers was used in validating the analysis.

A total of 48 scientists from the U.S were named to list. Among the other scientists' national affiliations are Germany (11); United Kingdom (8); France and the Netherlands (4); Australia, China, South Korea and Switzerland (3); Belgium, Russia and Sweden (2); and Austria, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Portugal and Taiwan (1).

The list complements a previous featured list of the top 100 chemists that was created in recognition of 2011 as the International Year of Chemistry. A future analysis focused on influential biochemists due later this year rounds out the celebration.

Chou joined UD in 1969. His research interests are in materials science, applied mechanics, fiber composite materials, piezoelectric materials and nanocomposites. He has authored over 315 archival journal papers and book chapters, as well as several books.

He is also editor-in-chief of the international journal Composites Science and Technology which ranked No. 1 among the 23 composites journals in the materials science area in 2009.