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The mission of the Delaware BioScience Association is to become the catalyst to ensure Delaware becomes a global leader in life sciences by developing a cohesive community that unites the region's biotechnology, pharmaceutical, research, financial and agricultural strengths.


The imperative for forming the Delaware BioScience Association

Bioscience, recognized globally and here locally as a key driver of Delaware’s economy because of its potential for providing high wage employment opportunities, new solutions to improve human and animal health care and a cleaner environment, is one of seven industry clusters targeted for development by the State.

Actions taken to promote development include:

1. Beginning in 2004, representatives from a cross-section of bioscience enterprises met under the direction of Governor Ruth Ann Minner to develop recommendations for further growth, involving activities that both the public and private sector could undertake.

2. The Delaware Bioscience Industry Cluster met several times to identify issues affecting Delaware's competitiveness in the biosciences, explore opportunities, and develop recommendations for moving forward. The Cluster was co-chaired by Catherine M. Bonuccelli, M.D., Vice President of External Scientific Affairs for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals; T. Ben Hsu, Ph.D., Vice President of Finance and Control for Quest Pharmaceutical Services; and Ray Yin, Ph.D., President & CTO, ANP Technologies.

3. One of the Cluster's key recommendations to the Governor was the formation of a trade association, which could capitalize on the strength of collaboration to foster growth of the bioscience sector.

4. As a result, the Delaware BioScience Association was formed in early 2006, bringing together pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, medical device manufacturers, agricultural biotech and chemical companies, research and testing companies, hospitals and medical institutions, and other organizations and related service companies, with the shared goal of expanding an already vibrant bioscience economy.