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Holiday Cheer at Exceptional Care for Children

Delaware Bio Life Science Professionals Give Back this Season

December 13, 2012, Brittana Benson, Delaware BioScience Association

NEWARK, Del. – The last Delaware BioScience Association (Delaware Bio) Life Science Professionals of the year wrapped up at Exceptional Care for Children (ECC) on Thursday, December 6th. The bi-monthly event provides scientists, engineers, healthcare professionals and post-docs with an opportunity to network, visit interesting venues and learn from seasoned veterans in similar fields. This month’s gathering was dedicated to creating more awareness about ECC’s mission and fulfilling their children’s holiday wishes.

At the function, guests were given the opportunity to tour ECC’s facilities, watch a video about their remarkable trip to Disney World ( and listen to a heartwarming speech prepared by Raymond D. Moyer, ECC Board Member and CEO of Electronic Payment Exchange. In his absence, the message was delivered by ECC’s Director of Development, Maureen Langston.

Moyer has three children who are technology dependent.

Moyer noted, “ECC was Michael’s first home and his initial exposure to constant care and a loving group of people, dedicated to nurturing little souls like his. Michael came home with Lori and I almost two years ago. Today, he no longer needs a ventilator and he has had his ‘trach’ removed. He now drinks and eats normally by mouth and as a side note… he loves pepperoni!”

Cole Galloway, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy & Psychology at the University of Delaware has helped make similar success stories at ECC possible. He has found a way to help children take advantage of their youthful instincts by incorporating fun into therapy at the facility. Galloway developed race cars and toys which allow the kids to independently control their mobility.

Galloway said, “Let me tell you a little bit about 'ECC Style.' What do you get when you mix research, racecars, and ECC? You get afternoons full of giggles, joy riding in their car, hi and yee haw.”

As a result of an outpouring of support, from Delaware Bio member companies and event attendees alike, we were able to not only fulfill all of the children’s wish lists, but also raise $1,500 for ECC’s “trip fund” which gives the facility the opportunity to plan exciting excursions for the children, such as their most recent outing to Disney World.

In addition to Delaware Bio's donations, picture of Christopher DiPaolo presenting check to ECCECC has been the charity of choice for ProTecs' Annual Charity Golf Tournament for the past two years. Christopher DiPaolo, President of ProTecs, was invited to the event to present a generous $5,200 donation to the organization. ProTecs is an active supporter of ECC and recently worked on the facility's third floor renovations.

The Life Science Professionals series was made possible by sponsors, RatnerPrestia, VWR International, Aerotek, We Work for Health and Exceptional Care for Children.

If you are a scientist, engineer, healthcare professional or post-doc interested in being a part of events like the one at ECC, please save the date for Delaware Bio’s next Life Science Professionals on Thursday, February 7, 2012.

About Exceptional Care for Children

Exceptional Care for Children opened its doors in February 2006 as a haven for healing fragile bodies and as a refuge for nurturing vulnerable spirits. Since those first residents arrived, we’ve cared for a total of 67 children and their families through long-term, transitional and palliative care programs.  To learn more about Exceptional Care for Children, please visit

About the Delaware BioScience Association

Delaware Bio is a non-profit trade association that serves its members and the State of Delaware by collaborating with other local businesses and organizations to advance the growth of the bioscience industry in Delaware and the region. To learn more about Delaware Bio, please visit


Delaware BioScience Association
Brittana Benson
Event & Marketing Coordinator


Exceptional Care for Children
Maureen Langston
Director of Development
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